Board Positions

Learn more about each role and it’s responsibilities.


To preside over meetings, represent this association with the RRCA, to call any special meeting and to appoint committees and chairperson thereof with approval from the board.


To record minutes at all meetings in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order, to keep a file of such minutes, oversee the election process for all board members and, when requested by the president, to accept assignments involving correspondence and keeping of records.


Oversee the budget planning process, ensure adequate income available to achieve the budgeted expenses, safeguard the organization’s assets, draft financial policies for board approval, anticipate and report financial problems, ensure the board receives regular and accurate financial statements and that the board members understand the information presented, ensure federal, state and local reporting takes place and other duties as requested by the president.

Director of Membership

Oversee all matters related to membership.  These duties include, but are not limited to, giving all new members their team shirt, sending out “welcome emails”, facilitation of member communication and support.  Also responsible for working with the Runner of the Month’s questionnaire.

Director of Races

Coordinate all races and manage all club equipment in storage.

Director of Social Media

Manages all aspects of club social media and web site.  Also responsible to manage the club email.

Director of Events

Coordinate club events like: group runs (both in and out of town), group training sessions, group social activities and all fundraising efforts.  Will ensure that all group activities are both safe and all inclusive.

Board Members at Large

To work as a liaison between the board and the membership, to communicate the needs of the membership and to support the board in their specific appointed positions as directed by the president.


All Board Members must be dues paying members of the organization and in good standing.  The Treasurer, as a position that is appointed by the president, also cannot be related to the president, whether through marriage or birth.