Tetralogy: (from Greek meaning “four discourse”) a compound work that is made up of four distinct works.

The DB Tetralogy is a compound work made up of 4 distinct races. Complete each of these races in a single calendar year to complete The Tet.

With each completed event, collect a special edition race patch. At the end of the year, those who complete The Tet will be awarded something to display those patches on.


Sunday, February 9th, 2020

A very technical 11.3 mile trail race in the Red Hills Recreation Management Area.


50K, 35K, 15K, & 10K

Sunday, May 3rd, 2020

We head back to Red Hills to explore more of the area. Complete any distance for The Tet. Go big, run the 50K. Its a lot of fun!

The Dusty Bottoms Beer Mile

September 2020 (TBD)

By far, the biggest challenge of The Tet. Drink 4 beers, run 1 mile. Puke and you are out! Step it up a notch and run the Ultra Beer Mile (6 beers, 1.5 miles).


4, 6, & 12 HOUR TIMED RACE

December 2020 (TBD)

Captain’s is where you go the distance. Choose a time and run as many miles as you can around the 1-mile path around Mary Grogan Community Park. Any time is eligible for The Tet, but an average pace 18 minutes per mile is required.


After Turner’s Tuff Ten, 88 runners are still in The Tet.

  • Shelia Mae Annis
  • Denise Avant
  • Lidia Banda
  • Mary Bautista
  • Nicole Beato
  • Kat Beboutova
  • Colby Bell
  • Jeff Berdosh
  • Bilal Bhatti
  • Brent Boersma
  • Roger Boyd
  • Tiff Bradley
  • Ricky Caraballo
  • Kelvin Coenen
  • Sean Collins
  • Adrian Crane
  • Jessica Curtiss
  • Karen Dart
  • Larry Deweber
  • Richard Dominguez
  • Chris Doud
  • Ylijah En
  • Jeremy Farrell
  • John Fassler
  • Peter Fish
  • Laura Flores
  • Katy Flower
  • Heather Forrest
  • K Gabrielle Gaspar
  • Dale Ghaner
  • Navjit Gill
  • Sukhy Gill
  • Martha Gonzalez
  • Matt Gregory
  • Bethany Grenfell
  • Gary Hayward
  • Juan Hernandez
  • Jesus Hernandez
  • Jerome Hicks
  • Brittany Hill
  • David Hill
  • Maria Huerta
  • Brian Hughes
  • Carrie King
  • Em Krediet
  • Travis Lee
  • Ling Leong
  • Lauren Link
  • Thomas Lopes
  • Gina Lopes
  • Zac Luce
  • Dawn Mcculley
  • Jon Miguel
  • John Minkema
  • Kelly Mraz
  • Laura Nance
  • Pamela Noonan
  • Jon Olsen
  • Nate Olsen
  • Kelvin P Coenen
  • Nanette Perez
  • Salvador Perez
  • Michelle Rabieh
  • Tessa Reisinger
  • Valdemar Robles
  • John Rodriguez
  • Robert Rogers
  • Kayleigh Romer
  • Robert Root
  • Mark Runnels
  • Christina Strohmeyer
  • John Swisegood
  • Andrew Taylor
  • Ann Thompson
  • Kelly Tillery
  • Rod Tilson
  • Elizabeth Vargas Madrigal
  • Elijah Vas Dinis
  • Veronica Vas Dinis
  • Christopher Vasche
  • Ruben Villarreal
  • Dan Von Berckefeldt
  • Sabinew Wahl-Barry
  • Julie Wendland
  • Amanda Wendland
  • Charles Wickersham
  • Jen Yelland
  • Nancy Zamora

Do DB!

Get a shirt. Run a trail. Drink a beer. Repeat. It’s that simple.