What got you running?

I’ll be honest here it was a very Forrest Gump moment for me. I just felt like running. I had never run a day in my life until I moved to Modesto . I had no job and no friends so I spent a good part of my day looking for work and in the evening I would go for long walks to calm my racing brain . One particularly difficult day ( horrible job interview) I just decided i was going to run. I would find a tree or street light some distance away and tell myself to run to it.

Song that gets you moving?

I couldn’t pin down one particular song. My current favorite Pandora stations are The Kinks and The Clash. If you ever see me fiddling with my Pandora it’s because Morrissey is on and , while I love them, they don’t make for great running tunes. In fact I feel seventeen and awkward again every time I hear a sad Morrissey song.

What race medal are you proud of?

They give out medals?! just kidding. I guess my first half marathon because it’s the only one I have and I did a really amazing hobble to the finish line. That’s right, I earned it even if it looked like I had a peg-leg.

Dream race?

The New York marathon. I’m a New Yorker! Running my hometown would be amazing. Also, i have a love affair with bridges so running across the Verrazano bridge would likely make me cry happy tears.

Favorite Trail?

Dry Creek although I’m sure once I venture out more I’ll find others. Funniest thing that’s happened to me while running: The first time I decided to run the mountain bike trails in Dry- Creek I made an amateur mistake by leaving my earbuds in. I was super happy about my, at the time, genius idea to run off the path. I was having a blast dodging rocks, running up and down the hills when I realized I was really pushing myself and was tired. I decided that I would run up one last hill then break. I got to the top , leaned over , put my hands on my knees with my head down . As soon as I opened my eyes a guy on a mountain bike was a few feet from riding right up my rear. I mean his front tire would have been perfectly placed for disaster. I thought about it later how pissed off he would be if it wasn’t so funny. We both immediately cracked up. Needless to say I now leave one ear bud out and protect my backside.

When I’m not running?

I hike as often as I can, work, watch horrible television shows, dote on my dog and read. I’m pretty simple and kind of dorky. By dorky I mean I have a Game of Thrones night that we’ve done the past two years. We plan a menu, cocktails, and get the fire pit going. Certified dork!

Running Heroes?

My cousin Sam is an inspiration always. He too just started running one day and became super athletic. He’s a dad, hard worker and he plays hard too. He reminds me that I can have and do most anything. I’m super proud of him. Also, anyone that gets out there. Fitting running into your life ( no matter what the benefits) is not easy. When I meet people that tell me they cant because of this or that I think you can and you don’t. A special shout out to all of the rad people I’m lucky to stand next to that run fifty or a hundred miles. If I could sew you would all have capes.

The moment I realized I was a runner?

When I spent more money on one pair of sneakers than I have on my past five pairs. I don’t consider myself all that frugal ( you cant be buried with it) but I felt a pain followed by a montage of all the other things I could have done with that money, followed by the thought of how much food I have to serve to make that money.

My goals?

To keep going and not hurt myself.

Favorite Drinks/ Beer?

I love it all. Champagne for brunch, Manhattans, yummy wine and who doesn’t love beer?