What got you out running/walking for the first time?

As a young girl, I loved watching the Olympics. Track and Field was always my favorite. So I joined the track team in 6th grade. Ran track all through school. I have run on and off for years. Always wanted to run a marathon.

What’s a song that helps pick up your pace?

In The Mood by the Glenn Miller Band

What is the race medal you are most proud of and why?

AR 50 Medal. I turned 50 years old this past March and I set a goal to complete a 50-mile trail race. One mile for every year of life God has blessed me with. 50 & Fabulous!!

What is your dream race or location for a run?

Dream location to run would be anywhere alongside the ocean.

What is your favorite trail to run?

My favorite trail to run is Chabot.

What’s your favorite race distance?

My favorite race distance is the half marathon.

What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you or that you have seen on the trail?

The funniest thing that I have seen recently and also happened to me on a trail run was at Dodge Ridge slip-sliding in the snow “Butt Slides” down the hill.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not running?   

When not running I enjoy spending time with my family. I love being a Grandma and spending time with my grandson. I also enjoy cycling and scrapbooking (that’s why I take so many pictures) and make homemade cards for all occasions.

Who are your running heroes?

My running heroes are anyone who gets out of the house or uses a treadmill to run/walk for whatever reason.

Who inspires you?

There are so many people who inspire me. Everyone here at DB, my family and those battling serious illnesses and going through treatments or who are survivors. I like to dedicate my run or cycle ride to them.  I pray for them while I run and they motivate me to keep going no matter what.

Describe the moment you realized you were a “runner”.

Do not remember the moment I realized I was a runner.

What are your goals?

My goal is to complete a 100k at Javalina 2019 in honor of my sister Lisa who was recently diagnosed with a mild case of Multiple Sclerosis. She used to be a runner.

What’s your favorite beer (or other drink if you don’t drink beer)?  

My favorite drink is either a Lemon Drop (Fuzio’s has the best ones) or Margarita.