What got you out running/walking for the first time?

I decided that living was a better alternative to not.  

What’s a song that helps pick up your pace?

More of a zen/meditation thing but,  “A horse with no name” by America. It helps me ignore that I fucking hate running.

What is the race medal you are most proud of and why?

Fourmidable and because it was so hard for me to get through it.  

What is your dream race or location for a run?

Maui, Monterey, and now the 6 foot track In Australia .

What is your favorite trail to run?

Crazy, but Dipsea is so gorgeous that I am almost always willing to go. Even though it hurts.

What’s your favorite race distance?

Zero, But I will take on a 5k to a half.  When I grow up I’ll get a marathon in.

What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you or that you have seen on the trail?

Meeting people that share my insanity. Then you find the weird connections that exist with them.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not running?   

I love travel, reading, talking the shit out of politics to philosophy or a good argument surrounding history or religion, ya know idle chit chat. Almost forgot, really like to eat and drink.

Who are your running heroes?

So the main character in the movie Chariots of Fire, Eric Liddell made running your ass off look so easy. Also, team Adalid and Robert, they leave no one behind, I so fucking respect that.

Who inspires you?

Kristi Victorino and Jerome Hicks. I have learned and bettered myself through their guidance, care and direction; and also all my friends who I have shared a beer or story with.

Describe the moment you realized you were a “runner”.

 When I ran three miles, talking to the “mother fucking track” at MJC. Ask Kristi, it was the MJC class “How to run your first 5k”.

What are your goals?.

Live, stay on the island of misfit toys with all the others, “I don’t want to die crowd” especially Heidi B.

What’s your favorite beer (or other drink if you don’t drink beer)?  

Lagunitas IPA