What got you out running/walking for the first time?

The first time I got out was Modesto Marathon 5K in 2017. I saw my Aunt Alma, cousin Samantha and Ally run it every year. I did my first 5k with no training I was so sore. After the 5k race, AJ Mitchell invited to an informational meeting for Shawdowchase Running club. 

What’s a song that helps pick up your pace?

I like to listen to 80s, Rock or Country, Rock Steady gives me the push to run faster! 

What is the race medal you are most proud of and why?

Ripon Run was the most memorable race doing my first half marathon! Joshua Tree half marathon was my most favorite running at night was headlamps under the stars.

What is your dream race or location for a run?

I finally reach my goal of running CIM for my first full marathon lots of spectators and your not alone running!

What is your favorite trail to run?

My most favorite trail run has to be Lake Chabot!

What’s your favorite race distance?

Favorite distance run has to be half marathon then again I will probably do another full marathon.

What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you or that you have seen on the trail?

I have to say that I have fell I don’t have far to fall down.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not running?   

I like to see live football, baseball games, concerts and traveling.

Who are your running heroes?

I have to say my running family is a inspiration just getting out there putting on a pair of running shoes.

Who inspires you?

I have to say the ones that are active and can reach a goal!

Describe the moment you realized you were a “runner”.

Waking up early to put a pair of running shoes and heading to dry creek park putting in miles in.

What are your goals?

My next goal is to train for a 50k.

What’s your favorite beer (or other drink if you don’t drink beer)?  

I am not to picky to drink if I have to choose it would be a Blue Moon!