What got you out running/walking for the first time?

In 2008, after a few years of not so healthy habits, I decided to get back into the gym. Then in 2012 I was introduced to and trained for Tough Mudder OCR. Loved it! That experience put me on this path.

What’s a song that helps pick up your pace?

‘Eruption’ by Van Halen jump starts my run. ‘Oceans’ by Hillsong United gets me thru the wall. And for the homestretch, it’s ‘Eres Tu’ by Los Kandy’s.

What is the race medal you are most proud of and why?

Quicksilver 100k. I knew I needed a solid plan for my first 100k. Race day came and it was tough but I finished the run. I stayed with my plan from beginning to end and that’s what I’m most proud of.

What is your dream race or location for a run?

I want to run Big Sur marathon. Hopefully 2023.

What is your favorite trail to run?

I enjoy running the Dipsea Trail. The ocean, the mountain, the forest, the infamous steps, and elevation. Tough trails and beautiful scenery. My favorite place to be.

What’s your favorite race distance?

Wow! I can’t believe I’m saying this… 50k.

What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you or that you have seen on the trail?

During Way Too Cool this past March I fell three times within eight miles on the easiest parts of the trail!

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not running? 

On a lazy afternoon, I may read or listen to music or watch a good documentary.

Who are your running heroes? Who inspires you?

I don’t know a lot about running or top runners in the sport. However what inspires me is seeing the regular average person out on the pavement or the trails, tired, sweating, hurting, and still looking up to say ‘good morning’ and then continue putting in the miles.

Describe the moment you realized you were a “runner”.

When I stopped buying the forty-dollar pair of running shoes on sale at Big 5. And started paying more than a hundred dollars for running shoes at Fleet Feet! Hokas are how much??!!

What are your goals?

Visit our National Parks. Live simple. Keep the journey fun.

 What’s your favorite beer (or other drink if you don’t drink beer)?

The Crew knows that after a big race I love Pizza and Coke.