What got you out running/walking for the first time?

I went to the Susan B Koman race to Walk the 5k in honor of a good friend’s sister passing. Another friend of mine happened to be there and said you should run this race with me. I was like me run … no way, I don’t run. After moments of her trying to convince me that I could do this, the gun went off and I started running. I was amazed that I completed a 5k race. Then another and one after that. I started to notice that it made me feel really good mentally and physically plus I actually enjoyed doing it. That’s when I realized I wanted to become a better runner and gain more knowledge about the sport, so I did some research and came across Kristi Victorino’s class at MJC and here I am running.

What’s a song that helps pick up your pace?

The majority of the time I do not listen to music while running because I like being in tune with my surroundings and enjoy the sounds that the city and trails make. But, when I do listen to music, I like something that has a great beat with motivating lyrics.

What is the race medal you are most proud of and why?

The race metal that I am most proud of is the FOURMIDABLE one because it was very challenging and it tested my limits. It also showed me how powerful and strong I could be when I wanted to give up. My mind, body, and soul were out there working together pushing me up those major hills and technical areas. Also, with the support and inspiration from my fellow Dusty Bottoms runners, I pushed even harder and made it up that last hill to across the finish. This team and race made me believe in myself and realize I can do this.

What is your dream race or location for a run?

Currently, my dream race is the Great Wall of China Marathon. Oh and the Beer Mile!

What is your favorite trail to run?

I don’t really have a favorite trail to run because I’ve really enjoyed and at moments hated all the trails that I have been on. I am ready to explore more trails and hopefully, I will cross a path and find my favorite trail.     

What’s your favorite race distance?

I would have to say my favorite race distance is a Half Marathon and boy did I have an “aha” moment recently about 13 miles into my second 50k race.

What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you or that you have seen on the trail?

During a training run, I wore a pair of Walmart’s finest $20 running shoes on part of the Western State trail because I forgot my trail shoes at home. Probably not one of the smartest moves I’ve made on the rails but at least I still got my run in and had a great laugh with some amazing running buddies.  Per Rod Oldfield, Walmart will be calling to sponsor me.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not running?   

I enjoy hanging out with my friends and family, traveling, yoga, wine or beer tasting, and relaxing. 

Who are your running heroes?

My runner heroes are my fellow Dusty Bottoms trail runners. Whether they are out running the trails or apart of the cheering squad, they all show Heart, Determination, Courage, Strength, and an “I’m Not Going to Give Up” attitude. They are definitely Heroes in my eyes and I am so blessed to know them.

Who inspires you?

I’m inspired by any person that puts on a pair of running shoes, ties those laces, and takes that first step.  I admire their strength and courage to accept a challenge and run. Y’all are an inspiration.

Describe the moment you realized you were a “runner”.

I run … but I haven’t had a moment like this yet.  I’ve been running for almost three years now and believe I have a full journey ahead of me before having this realization.

What are your goals?

My plan is to set more goals towards running, like being more consistent, setting a training plan , and marking down more races on my calendar. Also, my most important goal is to continue to enjoy running and have a happy and healthy life style.

What’s your favorite beer (or other drink if you don’t drink beer)?  

I really enjoy a cold crisp hazy IPA after a great run.