Jeff Rowe
Jeff RowePresident and Founder
I have been running for several years and in that time I have developed a love for the trails. While not the fastest runner, I’m doing ok for a “bigger” runner. Currently, I am in a hotly contested war over the title of “Greatest Runner in Modesto” with Jon Olsen. When not taunting the most elite runners around, I enjoy cooking, spending time with my son and drinking beer. And I’m married to our good looking founder Ana.
Daren Short
Daren ShortTreasurer
I fell in love with running at age 12. I wasn’t particularly fast, but I was immediately hooked. My wife and I ran some small races during the mid ’90s. 2010 was the year I challenged myself to my 1st half marathon. 2 years ago, I found this group of running maniacs! They introduced Kelly and me to trail running and great beer. We found Nirvana.
Chad A. Johnson
Chad A. JohnsonDirector of Social Media
“What sport can I play that involves no running?”, I asked myself before joining the waterpolo team. It would have blown my 14 year old self away to know that ultra running was in my future. Funny the path that life takes us. One thing I have learned in the 30 years since then, the best things happen while on the trail or drinking beer. So, let’s go for a run and wash it down with a cold one. Who knows, we may solve the world’s problems over a pint.
Shane Jones
Shane JonesDirector of Races
I was always that kid you saw walking around the track back in high school, always being lapped by everyone during physical education. Fast forward to 2015 and I have run my first road and trail marathon and trail 50k. I have found a love for running that could be described as an addiction. I have found that my enjoyment is to push my body further than I could ever expect it. I have so far lost 138 pounds since January 2013 and continue to see how much further I can improve my health. I enjoy helping people work towards their goals, dreams and aspirations! When not training, I enjoy sending time with my wife, Jaynee, and three kiddos, Conner, Carli and Kaleia. I also am a avid fisherman and woodworker!
Jaynee Jones
Jaynee JonesDirector of Membership
I run a little but you will probably most likely see me crewing runners or volunteering at an aid station with my kids in tow. In the last two years Dusty Bottoms has become part of our family and I would not have it any other way. They also helped me realize I have a deep love of beer and wine. I see an Ultra Beer Mile in my future! I look forward to welcoming, crewing, or cheering you all on the next run.
Monica Swisegood
Monica SwisegoodDirector of Events / Founder
I am a runner at heart, but ended up doing more walking last year. I would like to run an ultra this year. I hear all the cool kids are doing it!
Ana Rowe
Ana RoweCo-Secretary / Founder
Trail running has made me enjoy the outdoors even more. I really enjoy being out on the trails with friends. Picking cherries and petting horses is always a plus on the trails for me. It really does make my day get better when putting the miles in. I have made a lot of great friendships through running and we have accomplished more than I thought possible. My other hobbies include driving my husband crazy and some crafting and knitting.
Kelly Short
Kelly ShortCo-Secretary


Our group was conceived on a trail and brought to life around a kitchen table amongst friends. We all agreed that we would like to be part of something organic and fun that really represented the atmosphere at some of the best events that we’ve been to.

Leslie Antonis
Leslie AntonisPresident Emeritus / Founder
I’m still not sure why my picture is on this page or what this “Emeritus” nonsense means. Besides making my friends scream “chainsaw” on long runs, I enjoy baking, crushing the dreams of younger runners, making people take up cycling and knitting. Oh, and my grandson is cuter than yours.
Born and raised in the Central Valley, husband and father of two. When I grow up I want to be a world traveling, organic farming rodeo clown chef.
Carlene Olsen
Carlene OlsenFounder
Hi, my name is Carlene. I have been running for five years. I started training for my first half marathon, hated it, but grew to love it. I then began to take the challenge to further distances. My first ultra was the Skyline 50k. Someday I would love to run faster than my friend, Jeff Rowe.
John Swisegood
John SwisegoodFounder
“Couch to 50k” anytime, anywhere and any distance, as long as there is beer and an IV at the finish line. Shirts optional!
Anna Garcia
Anna GarciaFounder
I like Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain. Lol JK. I am a walker. Other than walking, I enjoy hiking, backpacking, listening to music and spending time with my family.
Keli Turner
Keli TurnerFounder
I am passionate about living life to the fullest! I enjoy trail running & many outdoor activities. Most of my time is spent chasing my boys, spending time with family and friends and finding the best in everything. Goals in life: Seize the day, inspire others and enjoy those around me.



To preside over meetings, represent this association with the RRCA, to call any special meeting and to appoint committees and chairperson thereof with approval from the board.


Oversee the budget planning process, ensure adequate income available to achieve the budgeted expenses, safeguard the organization’s assets, draft financial policies for board approval, anticipate and report financial problems, ensure the board receives regular and accurate financial statements and that the board members understand the information presented, ensure federal, state and local reporting takes place and other duties as requested by the president.

Director of Social Media

Manages all aspects of club social media profiles. More specifically, Facebook page & group, and Instagram.

Director of Races

Coordinate all races and manage all club equipment in storage.

Director of Membership

Oversee all matters related to membership.  These duties include, but are not limited to, giving all new members their team shirt, sending out “welcome emails”, facilitation of member communication and support.  Also responsible for working with the Runner of the Month’s questionnaire.


To record minutes at all meetings in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order, to keep a file of such minutes, oversee the election process for all board members and, when requested by the president, to accept assignments involving correspondence and keeping of records.


All Board Members must be dues-paying members of the organization and in good standing.  The Treasurer, as a position that is appointed by the president, also cannot be related to the president, whether through marriage or birth.

Go DB!

Get a shirt. Run a trail. Drink a beer. Repeat. It’s that simple.